Next Event: June 15, 2024

Tim C.

I have ran the BC race 2 years in a row, the first year was ok but last year’s race was definitely better, well organized it almost felt like I was running an Spartan race, I do run a lot of Spartan races all over the Southern states, I believe that the barbarian challenge will be every competitive compared to the big brands on OCR, I will be running the barbarian challenge again this year and yes I’m bringing at least 5 more with me. Keep up the good work.

Phillip S.

Barbarian was my first OCR. I was only a runner and weightlifter before. Y’all hooked me! I’ve since completely changed how I work out, seeing the need for total, usable fitness. I’m a recently retired law enforcement officer and am in better shape than when I worked! Seeing me finish it also encouraged my wife, who did get first OCR earlier this spring and is signed up to to Barbarian with me and several friends in June!

Mark D.

I have ran your race for the last two years, and believe it is one of the best productions of all major OCR events. The people who volunteer are some of the most kind volunteers and the course is one of the most demanding courses. I average about 15 races a year and truly enjoy your event.

Kristen P.

I ran the barbarian for the first time last year. Honestly as a mom of three girls I never thought I would do something like this. It was one of the best experiences I have had. My very first obstacle race and I am hooked. It was mentally and physically challenging. I told myself I would not skip anything or go around and I stuck to it. You all truly have designed an amazing event. and I will see you again this year! I am a Barbarian! Now my girls want to grow up to take it on themselves.

Kristen H.

Last year I ran the Barbarian with my husband. We did it together to have fun! My husband had been running for about a year and I had just started the Couch to 5k program two weeks before the race with the Gadsden runners club. There was nothing easy about the race, but it was the best experience ever! Since last year I have completed multiple 5ks, the Marine Corp 17.75 and am registered for my first marathon in October! Running Barbarian gave me the confidence that I could literally do anything I tried!!! We also love the kids Barbarian, our son has ran it several years! Such a fun Saturday!!

Jennie M.

I did this event for the first time last year and LOVED it. The terrain was well used and provided a great challenge. All the obstacles were doable for anyone that wanted to try. It was a very low key race, not a bunch of hype- but man those cold towels and water at the end? BEST. THING. EVER. Already signed up to do it again this year!

Jason R.

The Barbarian Challenge is one of the toughest races I have done ! It’s also my favorite race I will be returning every year and will bring new faces with me!

Darrell W.

By far the best OCR I’ve had the pleasure of running. As a competitor, I like that top finishers over-all and ages are recognized! There is a lot of hard work in training to be a top finisher and they definitely deserve to be recognized.

Chris C.

Great race had lots of fun! Much better since city took over! Looking forward to this year!

Bill B.

I ran the Barbarian Challenge in Gadsden for the first time in 2016. I have done 10 Tough Mudders and 7 Spartan Races (including the Trifecta in one year) and I’d have to say the Barbarian Challenge has been the most difficult/challenging of the three OCR events I have completed. The course layout had my friends and I exhausted by the time we finished the course…but we all had HUGE smiles on our faces because we knew we had just completed a very challenging course…and the beer helped too! What seemed like a never-ending series of hill ascents & descents burned out my legs time and time again but I loved it! Being able to get up close and personal with Noccalula Falls during the course was an added benefit of running this challenge. I am already experiencing mixed emotions for this year’s Barbarian Challenge because I know it is…