Are You a Barbarian? 2020 EVENT CANCELLED.Next Event: June 19, 2021

Competitive Rules

  1. All individual race winners will be selected from the 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00 am am hordes, overall male and female winners will come from the 8:00 am horde only. Remember, if you’re seeking to win the “sword” you must run in the 8:00 am horde. This horde is limited to the first 225 participants.
  2. To run in the 8:00 am elite horde you must be able to run a 5k in 27 minutes and provide proof at
  3. Even if your time in a later horde is faster than the fastest time in the 8:00 am horde, you will not qualify to win the overall event.
  4. Age group winners will be selected from the 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00 am horde times. These are the only four hordes that will be considered for individual awards. You can choose another horde time, but you will not qualify nor be given an award even if you are faster than someone in the elite or competitive hordes. We do this so we can finalize the awards and present them around 12 pm. To keep the early hordes competitive, they are limited to 225 registrants each.
  5. Youth must be 13 years of age on race day to run the main challenge. 15 and under must run with an adult. Younger youth and kids can run the kids challenge.
  6. There will not be any transfers allowed after June 14th, 2021 – so sign up early!
  7. If running in competitive waves you will given a wristband to be worn on the wrist in plain site and view able by the obstacle volunteers at all times during the race. Remember we are watching and so is your fellow competitors.
  8. If you fail an obstacle and choose not to do the penalty for given obstacle, you will be reported and disqualified from all awards.
  9. If you want to compete as an Athena you must be a female that weighs 165 lbs or greater.
  10. If you want to compete as a Clydesdale you must be a male that weighs 225 lbs or greater.
  11. We will award the top 3 in each category. If you do not win the top 3 you will still be eligible for the overall age group awards. So you must run in a competitive horde.
  12. Barbarian challenge 2021 is a qualifier for the world and North American OCR championship races. If you qualify, your name and email address will be shared with these events.

Official Team Rules

  1. Team event to begin at approximately 1pm
  2. Teams are made up of 5 male and/or 5 female competitors….We will not have a coed division this year in the new team challenge.
  3. 4 of the 5 teammates must complete each obstacle.
  4. Note: one of your teammates could/will be used as your team weight at various obstacles..Choose your team wisely
  5. You may assist team members at specified obstacles only. Once course is set, details of each obstacle will be published prior to event and volunteers will be well versed with guidelines as needed, and to officiate proper completion. You cannot leave an obstacle till your 4 have completed it, and cannot start another obstacle without all team members present.
  6. If for some reason, 4 of your 5 team members cannot complete an obstacle you will be disqualified from official standings, and will surrender timing chips to that obstacle volunteer, but can continue on the course and finish as desired. There will be some obstacles (village rig, etc) that may have a penalty lap as an alternative, as in the main race, to which you whole team will have to complete together.
  7. Part of the course will finish on the main course and there will be traffic still on course, just negotiate around said traffic, and you will be given priority at obstacles when team arrives.
  8. The basic team course will be appx 1.75 miles as the rough course draft has been plotted.
  9. You must have registered and have ran the main course before doing the team challenge!
  10. Overview – you will have team carries, relay portions, individual challenges, small amount of running (as we will use some of the main course obstacles and course). You will do some of the main course obstacles again along with the team items added!!
  11. This will be a lot of fun and very challenging after running the main course earlier in the day. Re-coop and re-fuel, and visit with your fellow OCR enthusiasts and be ready. Only the team captain has to register and the cost is $50 per team. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.

Non-Competitive Hordes

Your rules are simple – have fun and do what you can to complete the obstacles you feel comfortable with, try some new things, and challenge yourself! You do not have to run penalty laps. We do require that you be off the course by 4:00 p.M. Or we will be coming to pick you up and help you off the course. We appreciate all participants that attend our event and wish you the best!