Next Event: June 18, 2022

Event location and address

Noccalula Falls Park 1500 Noccalula Road Gadsden, AL 35904.


It appears it will be hot, muggy and hilly, with a chance of heavy sweat and tears. Rain or shine the event will go on!

Packet Pick-Up Party

You can pick up your packets at packet pick up on Friday night, June 17th, 2022 from 5pm to 8pm at the Kiwanis Pavilion at Noccalula Falls Park 1500 Noccalula Road Gadsden, AL. Have your race confirmation with bar code in hand! Know your horde time!  Kids packets will also be available for pick up at the Packet Pick Up Party on Friday night at the Kiwanis Pavilion. If you are picking up for another adult please have a copy of their ID with you. Packets can be picked up on race day if you can not make it on Friday.


You can register in person on race day. T-shirts may or may not be available at this time. The cost is now $75 per person and they must show up an hour before their desired horde to register on race day. You can register on site at packet pick up or race day.


You will do this during the registration process! Yay!

Horde Time

Please check your registration confirmation and make sure your horde time is correct. You must run at the time you are registered for or change this time PRIOR to running. NO jumping hordes!!! We will happily change your time when you pick up your packet, just ask. Or email now and request a change.

Arrive 1 hour before your horde time to check in on race day. Even if you get your packet on Friday stop by the registration tent to have your tag number written on your arm.

If you want to win

(Competitive hordes this applies to you only) You will pick up a white and red bracelet at packet pick up/registration and you must complete the course with your bracelet in order to qualify for awards. At the rope climb, monkey bars, the weaver, midget rig, the Meat Hooks the Village Rig and the Tower ONLY, if you can’t do the obstacle AFTER the 1st try we will allow a penalty lap in order for you to keep your bracelet. If you don’t complete any other obstacle we will ask for your bracelet and you will no longer be eligible for awards. If you choose to not give up your bracelet, the obstacle monitor will still report you to the finish line and you will be disqualified! Keep the integrity of yourself, the race, and others in high regard. You can have as many chances to complete the obstacles as you would like. Bracelets must be worn on your left arm and you must raise your arm as you cross the finish line in order to make sure we document that you completed with your bracelet and that you are eligible for awards!


You will be given an active tag and bib when you pick up your packet. The active tags MUST be returned at the finish line! If they are not, you will be sent a bill for $30 after the race! We will write your tag number on your arms at registration. If you pick up your packet on Friday night, stop by the registration table on race day to get your tag number written on your arm or write it before you come. The tag is your timing chip, you must wear it to get a time! There will be NO BIBS for the 2019 race.

Course Description

Easy rolling hills and quiet smooth meadows of dandelions – Yeah Right!! LOL … a map will be posted on our Facebook page on race week or before.

Course Rules and Obstacles for Competitive waves

This will be sent in a email. Non-Competitive, your only rule is to have fun!

A few important points to remember:

  • Dogs and other pets are not welcome at packet pick-up or at the battlefield on race day. It will be hot- leave them at home, please!
  • Please arrive 1 hour before your horde time, if you haven’t picked up your packet before race day.
  • Write your tag number on your arm. If you lose your active tag, check in at the finish line. ·
  • Wear your active tag and RETURN it at the finish line. Or you will owe us $30. ·
  • Post-race snacks are available at the re-fueling station at the finish line. These are for racer only. ·
  • We have 8 outdoor showers and 2 changing tents available for your convenience. ·
  • There is no ATM available, so bring cash for food and drink vendors and any additional Barbarian Swag you may want. You will want some! We can take cards at the swag tent and registration.
  • There will be 4 water stations. You can hit the 1st one twice, so that kinda makes 5! ·
  • There will be a 2000 lb. canon to start each horde, every 30 minutes. Pay attention.

Alabama OCR Series

Follow them on Facebook to know which races are part of the series. If you run all races you receive an additional medal.

Kids Challenge

The Kids Challenge is put on by The Factory Gadsden and will be open from 8am to 11am for 12 and under. The Kids can pick up their packets on Friday night June 17th, 2022 between 5 and 8pm at the Kiwanis Pavilion at Noccalula Falls Park or on Race Day.  Pre-resiteration will end on June 5th, 2022. You can register on race day in person and it will cost $20.00, cash or check only. It is approximately .6 miles and will include mud so do bring your kids a change of clothes! The kids will be allowed to run 2 laps if they would like. There will be a finishers medal, T-shirt and goodie bag for those who pre-registered before June 5th, 2022. Noccalula Falls Park will open at 9am and the Mini Golf Course will open at 2pm and there will be passes to both in the adult and kids bags. Don’t worry the kids will not get bored!


There are several areas that allow the spectators to view the course. Most of your viewing points will be at the Barbarian Battlefield and then at the Noccalula Falls overlook area. Coolers are welcome. There will be food and drink and beer vendors at the battlefield area as well. If you would like to put up a tent to help you stay cool, you may set it up on Friday between 6 am and 7 pm or on Race Day. Please stay out of the athletes tent and do not steal the water from this tent. It is for the athletes! Be sure to take lots of pictures of your favorite Barbarians in action and share them on your favorite Social Media sites with this hashtags:

#barbarianchallenge #GreaterGadsden #noccalulafalls


Parking is free and is available at the park entrance, Wedding Chapel (Campground) parking lot and Mitchell School. Shuttles will be available to get you to the battlefield. Mini-Golf Parking lot will be reserved for workers and volunteers only. Please do not park on the side of the park roads. The grassy areas are often damp and we don’t want you to get stuck and we also don’t want to block the traffic flow! Also do not park at any OPEN businesses as they may have your car towed!

Awards will be around 12pm and the team challenge will begin soon after. Another email will be sent with competitive rules and team rules.

Remember the new Packet Pick up location for Friday night, June 17th, 2022 will be at the Kiwanis Pavilion at Noccalula Falls Park!