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Bennett Browder

September 27, 2018 dbrickhouse

Bennett Browder originally from Fort Payne, AL, I’m a trail runner , OCR athlete ,  weight trainer, gear head and a hot rod addict .

 I ran track and cross country I high school, then my senior year I broke my ankle. After it healed I started running again and ready injured it, the doctor told me my running days were over.
 After several years of not running or exercising, I decided something had to change. I missed training and definitely missed competing.
I started running again, and it felt great as I progressed. I won a couple local 5ks and was  hooked! Over the past 6 years I have trained harder and longer than I ever thought I could, from 5ks to half marathons. I love to race and I’ve meet so many great people.
OCRs and trail runs are so Awesome and definitely my favorite.
I will  keep doing this sport as long as I’m able.