Are You a Barbarian? June 15, 2019

Keith Henry

September 27, 2018 dbrickhouse

The 2017 Barbarian Challenge was my first obstacle course race (OCR), shortly after my 40th birthday. I had quit competitive running in February to spend more time lifting weights and eventually got into Crossfit. A friend talked me into signing up the week of the race. I was nervous and watched at least 3 hours of Youtube from previous years so that I could imagine how I would do each obstacle (this helped tremendously!). I have been a lifelong competitive endurance athlete (cycling 1989-2004, inline skating 2000-2006, running 2010-present). 2016 was my best year yet, finally under 5 minutes for the mile, under 17 for the 5K, made it into the top 100 fastest 50K’s in the U.S. (Dizzy Fifties, 3h41’58”), and won the half marathon in Elkmont that was made world famous by Ludivine, the dog that accidentally ran the race (and finished 7th!) . I grew up near Atlanta in an off-the-grid house hand-built by my parents, attended Georgia Tech and work as an engineer doing my part to defend the free world through a keyboard. Since leaving Atlanta after college, I have lived in Tucson (AZ), Chihuahua (Mex), San Diego, San Antonio and have now lived in Huntsville (AL) for more than four years. I speak Spanish fluently, play the guitar poorly, and have been interested in investing since I was about three years old.